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Development of innovative contrast agents for MRI and Photoacoustic imaging
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Molecular biotechnologies center (MBC)- via Nizza 52
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The thesis project is devoted to the development and characterization of innovative contrast agents for MRI and Photoacoustic imaging and their application in biological systems.

In particular, contrast agents will be prepared and characterized by using different chemical and (NMR, relaxometry, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, microscopy, UV-vis spectroscopy, fluorimetry, HPLC, photoacoustic imaging) and biological (cell cultures, viability assays, toxicity assays, ROS production, etc…) tools.

The system will be tested on murine models of diseases, especially in cancer.

The developed contrast agents will be based on small-sized molecules, macromolecules or supramolecular systems (nanomedicine: liposomes, micelles, MSNs,…).


Some references:

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